Introduction to Salasil Desktop


The story behind Salasil Desktop is that we found that educators, help-desk officers are facing huge challenges   with making an explanation video in easy way, so we saw the problem there and decided to develop a software that is tailored specifically for the knowledge communicators who are looking for an elegant authoring tool with simple UX & UI as well. And it could be integrated with any platform (Educational, Training & Corporate).

SalasilDesktop” which is our screen recording software give users the ability to record computer’s screen, webcam and voice, yet for its intuitive user interface, users (Teachers, Instructors & Help-Desk Officers) will be able explain their ideas well without the need for technical knowledge only using PCs as an interactive whiteboard & studio at the same time. That’s because of Salasil Desktop’s simple annotations-on-screen toolkit which contains writing tools, presentation tools, educational features like (insert shapes and mathematical tools as well) and the ability to edit video and audio using the built-in video editor.

On the other hand; Salasil Desktop present an innovative feature for the first time, such as multi live broadcasting on several platforms simultaneously. Exporting content as an animated GIF. And exporting video with several video format options (MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV).

As we are aiming to present the latest technologies, and what clients demand. We are in continuous development to come up with new releases which with contains specific features for the educational segment in order to empower educators to create high quality educational content in easy way with few steps.  

Bill Gates once said: “Content is king”. So, in Salasil we enable authors to build their kingdom since 80% of the world’s Internet traffic will be videos in the near future.