Salasil Solutions LTD. has announced the signing of an agreement in Dubai whereby Salasil Desktop software was approved for use by more than 15,000 teachers in Al-Diwan platform for MOE - UAE.


Salasil Desktop helps the teachers make explanation videos of lessons in the form of simplified videos using their own computers, and the videos are uploaded directly to Al-Diwan platform so students can view and interact with them through smart devices and tablets at anytime and anywhere.


Mr. Mouneer Al-Nouri, CEO of Salasil Solutions, said that the adoption of the Salasil Desktop by the Ministry of Education - UAE is an excellent opportunity to influence turning the common monotonic ways of teaching into more efficient, interesting and easier to digest ways of explaining the information, it’s also a great opportunity to spread the use of the software on a large scale that includes the teachers of the ministry on one hand, and is considered as a reward to the company's efforts in providing innovative Jordanian applications that compete with international software products on the other hand. In which he explained that the adoption of the Salasil Desktop software by Al-Diwan platform came after its comparison with several international products.


Salasil Desktop, a simple yet advanced desktop application (Windows) to enable educators to generate & publish their explanation videos in very easy way (Support English, Spanish, French & Arabic). A powerful tool for K-12, Higher Education, Training Centers.